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Cultural Analyst and Artist, Associate Professor of European Ethnology. I work at The Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences, Lund University, Sweden. I’m also part of Swedish Centre for Applied Social and Cultural Analysis (SCACA), which is a collaboration between Halmstad University, Lund University and RMIT University.

My teaching is mostly in the masters programme MACA (Master of Applied Cultural Analysis) and in a Swedish Digital Cultures programme at The Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences in Lund.

My research primarily deals with themes like digital and material culture as well as cultural economy, and I also explore the interplay between art and science. I have also developed a research track about the concept Industrial Cool. This deals with the ways traditional industries are transformed in contact with ideas about a postindustrial society.

My music and artworks are related to my practices as a cultural analyst and ethnographer, and the works often emanate from research questions. Recently I have been dealing with notions of electronic ethnographic surrealism



The Changing Micro-practices of Digital and Sensory Ethnography: Developing Qualitative Methods as a Creative and Pedagogic Practice. 2014 The Erik Philip-Sörensen foundation (Project leader: Robert Willim).

Runaway Methods. Ethnography and It’s New Incarnations. 2010-2012. Riksbankens jubileumsfond. (Project leader: Tom O’Dell)

Home Made: The Cultural Production of the Inconspicuous. Swedish Science Research Council. 2006-2008. (Project leader: Orvar Löfgren)

Humanistisk kulturverkstad (HEX). The Erik Philip-Sörensen foundation: 2005-2006. (Project leader: Greger Andersson)

Populärkulturella korsningar. The Erik Philip-Sörensen foundation: 2004 (Project leader: Carina Sjöholm)

Two Nations for The Price of One: Tourism and the experience economy in the Øresund Region. Øforsk: 2002-2006. (Project Leaders: Peter Billing & Tom O’Dell)

Imagining and Living the Global. Transnational Trajectories and New Junctures of Community. Swedish Science Research Council: 2002-2003. (Project leader: Tom O’Dell)

Cyberdreams and the everyday IT-life. Swedish Research Council for the Humanities and the Social Sciences (HSFR). 1997-2000. (Project leader: Orvar Löfgren)


Nordenstedska stiftelsens forskarstipendium. June 2003. For the book Framtid.nu – Flyt och friktion i ett snabbt företag.

Region Skånes kulturstipendium. September 2004. For the industrial Cool-project. Info as pdf.