Magic, Culture and The New Economy 2017-05-19T15:02:36+00:00

Edited together with Orvar Löfgren. Published by Oxford: Berg 2005.
Synopsis: What happens when economies ‘heat up’? This book looks at the 1990s, years of intense economic experimentation, when buzz words such as ‘network society’, ‘the experience economy’, ‘creative cities’ and ‘glocalization’ were everywhere. A fascinating perspective on ‘The New Economy’ emerges as the authors explore the worlds of coolhunters, biotech brokers, career coaches, software entrepreneurs and event managers and tackle such questions as: How is magic used in the quest for newness and change? What happens when cultural techniques such as branding and styling colonize new arenas? And, what turns out to be just a flash-in-the-pan and what has a lasting impact? This book is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand how economies operate in periods of rapid transformation