Sublime (e)motions

A genre of gigantic public videoworks is emerging. A genre of works playing with (e)motions and the sublime. This is an interesting evolvement of the site specific and The Spectacular.

The latest example by Tania Ruiz Gutierrez called Elsewhere is opening in the new traffic hub Citytunneln in Malmö, Sweden now in December. Elsewhere is “a multi-projection video art work which seeks to phenomenally transform the reinforced concrete landscape of the Malmö C underground station into a wide open space.”

Another similar example is Marco Brambilla’s Civilization that can be experienced when riding an elevator in The Standard Hotel in New York. “Civilization is a multi-layered tableau of interconnecting images that illustrates a contemporary, satirical take on the concepts of eternal punishment and celestial reward. More than 300 individual channels of looped video are blended into an expansive landscape that continuously scrolls upward, from the depths of hell to the gates of heaven.”

I see similarities to some of the works by me and Anders Weberg, like Elsewhereness and Conveyors, even if these works are realized in a different scale. Instead of playing with the sublime and monumental our works are dealing with more inconspicuous undercurrents  of place marketing and the site specific.

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