Sparks (2017-)

Sparks is a set of short speculative videos that can be used as a tool-kit within mobility research. The videos work as art probes and are made to be utilised in a research collaboration with Volvo Cars and Halmstad University. The videos bring up different themes related to human experiences and expectations of mobility and the automotive.

The videos can be used to spark ideas and reflections when dealing with design challenges and strategic decision making. The primary aim is to mobilise people’s imagination, to appreciate affective dimensions, and to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity as part of the design process. The videos can also be used as probes during ethnographic fieldwork.

The videos are carefully crafted to move between the expressive and the subtle. The style is intentionally gritty and dense, with tensions between visuals, sound and text. This style has been developed through a number of earlier artistic works and through practices of art probing.

Multi-layered and evocative audiovisual compositions are combined with text statements to provoke associations, questions, reflections and emotions related to mobility and the automotive. The work with the videos has been informed by an extensive survey of the way automobiles can be related to social and cultural dimensions of technology as well as findings within the HEAD-project (Human Expectation and Experience of Autonomous Driving) at Volvo cars.

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