Small things that matter

Soon the conference Innovation in Mind will take place here in Lund (September 13-14). I will be one of the speakers, and will talk on the theme “Small Things that matter”. Among the other speakers are Lawrence Lessig, David Gauntlett, Saskia Sassen and Sep Kamvar. I feel quite honored to be part of this line-up.

My talk will be about ethnography and cultural analysis, but with a twist. Here’s a the quite open-ended blurb for the talk:

“Processes of innovation might be based on pathbreaking achievements in research labs or design studios. But the key to innovation is also hidden in the most mundane of our surroundings. A way to find this key is by applying tools like ethnography and cultural analysis. These tools will help us to see the familiar in new ways, to discover the overlooked, to scrutinize small things that matter.”

As part of the program I will also arrange a practical workshop together with Anders Weberg. The theme of the workshop will be “Everyday Explorations” and it is based on a mixture of ethnography and explorative uses of mobile camera phones.


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