Roundtable on Art and Anthropology in New Orleans

There will be a roundtable dicussion organized at the AAA meeting (American Anthropological Association) in New Orleans as part of the Ethnographic Terminalia art exhibition.

AAA Roundtable Discussion:
Ethnographic termini: moving and agitating within the borderlands of contemporary art and ethnography.

Session Length: 1.75 hours
Keywords: installation art, exhibition, public anthropology
Saturday, November 20 at 10:15am (exact location in Sheraton or Marriott Hotels to be announced). (Invited session sponsored by the Society for Visual Anthropology and the Council on Anthropology and Education).

From the roundtable presentation: “This round-table is a node within a network of off-site activities and exhibitions called Ethnographic Terminalia.  It is specifically organized according to the theme of the 2010 American Anthropological Association meeting, “Circulation.”  The various nodes of the Ethnographic Terminalia project together work to redraw lines between ethnography and art (as well as science, activism, and education) by drawing the bodies and ideas of visiting scholars into close contact and conversation with flows of public life and knowledge production in New Orleans.  Building on the end/s of anthropology, we work to move beyond discussing those end/s, toward active and collaborative encounters among the people, ideas, and things circulating in New Orleans and beyond.  The participants in this round-table present a variety of departure points for thinking through the problematics of art, ethnography and exhibition that cross scholarly, public, and artistic practices.  Under the broad rubric of installation and design we present distinct views and experiences of creating, curating, exhibiting, and viewing (or experiencing).  The moderated discussion will rely on concrete examples of exhibitions, interspersed with the arguments and discussions of the participants.”

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