Publications in The Making

BookI’m about to finish a number of publications which are to be launched during 2013 or a bit later depending on the publication processes. A piece called Transmutations of Noise will be a chapter in the book Coping With Excess, edited by Barbara Czarniawska and Orvar Löfgren. The chapter Out of Hand – Reflections on Elsewhereness will be part of Anthropology and Art Practice, edited by Arnd Schneider an Christopher Wright. A piece called Enhancement or Distortion? – From The Claude Glass to Instagram will be part of The Sarai Reader 09.

Me and Tom O’Dell are also about to finish a number of texts. One piece for an international journal is almost ready. This one is going through an anonymized peer review process and therefore I can’t mention the titles of the text or the journal 🙂 Another text called Applied Cultural Analysis & the Compositional Practices of Rendering Culture is in the pipeline for a coming Source book edited by Patricia Sunderland and Rita Denny. We are working on the last year of our project The Transformations of Ethnography, which means that more texts are upcoming.

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