Projects on Transmutation and Convolution

From a recording session in the Anechoic Chamber at Lund UniversityDuring the coming months I will be working with several interlinked projects exploring spatiality, atmosphere and the relationship between mediation and imagination. I will anchor some of the exploration in the theoretical concepts Transmutation and Convolution.

I started to work with notions of transmutation in the text Transmutations of Noise. Or actually I already started to deal with this together with Orvar Löfgren in our book Magic, Culture and The New Economy (2005). Recently I I touched on both transmutation and convolution in a conference presentation (Visual Culture: Environment and Nature conference, Lund March 25-6 2015.). At the conference it was great to meet Joanna Zylinska and to learn about her intriguing work.

During the coming time I will present at some conferences and symposia, as well as contribute to some publications. I will also make some art works as part of the projects, in which I have started to use the anechoic chamber at The Humanities Lab at Lund university. I will partly develop some of the concept and ideas from the previous work Possible Worlds. More on this will follow…

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