Possible Worlds in Melbourne

The Possible Worlds setup.

10 December I performed Possible Worlds at The Design Hub, at RMIT University, Melbourne. The performance took place in the evocatively designed Multipurpose Room. Thanks all for the heartwarming feedback, proposals and comments. It was a suggestive context to do the performance, a context which has already been inspiration for coming iterations of the work.

On the plane over to Melbourne I stumbled over the movie Predestination, which to my great surprise was partly shot at The Design Hub. The footage gave an extra dimension to the visit and the performance.

The Design Hub building is a 10-storey building by Sean Godsell and Peddle Thorp, Architects.

The exterior.

The Multi Purpose Room at RMIT. Photo by Tom O’Dell.


Knobbing and sliding in Melbourne. Photo by Tom O’Dell.


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