Possible Worlds at LUX

larm1_smlNovember 15 I performed a version of Possible Worlds as part of the course “Composing Cultural Analysis” at the master-programme in Applied Cultural Analysis (MACA). It took place in a space called the LARM-studio, which is part of the Humanities lab at LUX, Lund University. The intention was to use the performance to discuss ethnographic placemaking and Imaginaries. The students, together with some representatives from the staff, took part in the sessions.


In connection to the performance we discussed the experience, and I explained the concept as well as some of the techniques I used to make and perform the work. At a seminar some days after the performace we will discuss how this kind of “worldmaking-session” can be related to ethnographic knowledge. What are the ends of an ethnographic place? How can we think about imaginaries, atmosphere and affective dimensions when we compare this kind of event with the smaller fieldworks that the students conduct at various sites in Lund, Malmö and Copenhagen?

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