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(2006) This is part two of the musical explorations of the Industrial Cool-concept. Science + Music… What happens when some of Sweden’s most respected electronica-artists are forced to work according to the strict temporal forms that has characterized industrial work for decades? During an eight-hour shift eight electronica artists improvised together with their laptops and various instruments. The clock was ticking inexorably and the musical labour was only interrupted for lunch and coffee breaks. The eight hours of improvised electronica were recorded on tape, and at the end of the day each of the artists received one hour of music that they mixed and edited to one of the eight tracks on the CD SKIFTET (2006). The compilation also includes a 16 minute musical documentary by Anders Weberg based on interviews and occurences during the working shift.
All participants were interviewed during the day, by journalist Mats Almegård and me. The experiences during the day has also been destilled into a scientific paper (in Swedish).

In collaboration with New Media Meeting December 1-2 2006 The Museum of Work in Norrköping arranged an afternoon based on THE SHIFT-concept, with live electronica, film and lecture.