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Fieldnotes_thumbFieldnotes (2013-) Another exploration of imaginary geographies. Fieldnotes is a series of surreal short films examining how  the concept of ethnographic fieldnotes can be related to places, situations and the way ethnography is communicated… More info.

WinE2_thumbThe World is Not Enough (2011) A joint work between artists Jussi Valtakari and me, based on a sculpted  wooden micro gallery by Valtakari and the video artwork Close to Nature by me.  More info.

Transmutations of Nature (2011) A number of works dealing with ideas about landscape, nature and mediation. The two major works are the video work Close to Nature and Out of Hand, a series of paintings. More info.


Förbisett (2010-) A photo project and an ethnographic exploration of the overlooked landscapes of everyday life. A collaboration between me, ethnologist Niklas Ingmarsson and photographer Martin Magntorn… More info.

Sweden for Beginners (2010-) A live performance in the form of an imaginative journey through the spaces, the life and everyday world of Sweden, a way to experience beyond the power of words. Together with Anders Weberg I have used fieldrecordings and archive material to create this audiovisual live performance. The work is surrealized as an affective exposé through live improvisation. More info.
Conveyors (2010-) A traffic hub is intended to provide predictable movement and transport. But you never quite know which motions and emotions will occur. So, how to depict or make sense of these kind of sites? In this case the traffic hub is Knutpunkten in Helsingborg, southern Sweden. How could experiences of everyday flow that merge with the unpredictable be illustrated here?…  More info.


Elsewhereness (2008-) A series of site-specific films by me and Anders Weberg. The work is intended to examine the conditions for site specific new media art. Recent site specific art has often been about the social, about engagement and relations between people living in a certain place and visiting artists. Elsewhereness twist these approaches… More info.

Selkosen Sähkö (2008) An audiovisual performance in connection to the exhibition Valoa Vintillä in Taivalkoski, Finland, 10th of July2008. The performance was based on sound and images recorded in the surroundings of the Taivalkoski-municipality… More info.

Artificial Past (2008) Together with light designer Anna Jönsson I made a sound and light installation at the open air museum Kulturen in Lund, Sweden. It was based in a domestic house from the 18th century. By adding a digitally manipulated soundscape based on sound recorded in the house and unexpected light sources we wanted to examine museological representations techniques… More info.

Domestic Safari – Home as a wild place (2007) Domestic Safari is an experimental movie by me and video artist Anders Weberg. What if we started to see the material worlds of domestic settings as wild places? Is there a potential for the exotic and uncanny in the inconspicuously mundane?… More info.

Being There – Another kind of Travelogue (2006) Being There is a web-based art project by me and video artist Anders Weberg. It is an attempt to twist the authenticity hunt of tourism and the experience economy. We offer six audiovisual excursions that disclose the nervous system that is underlying tourist experiences… More info.

Surreal Scania (2006) What makes places attractive? Can a wet and dirty road running through a barren field be appealing? What are the common denominators between a heavy industrial harbour and a nature reserve?… More info

Lund 67-06 (2006) Together with Niklas Ingmarsson I produced a video installation at the museum Kulturen in Lund. It ran for two weeks during May 2006. The installation was based on the movie “Lund – en osentimental resa” by Gösta Werner and a remix of the film by Anders Weberg… More info.

Skiftet (2006) This is part two of the musical explorations of the Industrial Cool-concept. Science + Music… What happens when some of Sweden’s most respected electronica-artists are forced to work according to the strict temporal forms that has characterized industrial work for decades?… More info.

ETN (2005-) I’m responsible for the design and concept of the Swedish journal ETN. It is published by The Department of European Ethnology, Lund University.Since 2005 it has been a way to publish ethnological research in a thought provoking and experimental way… More info.

Industrial Cool (2003-) IC is a way to interpret the ways traditional manufacturing industries are going through changes.The term is meant to illustrate ways that traditional manufacturing industries throughout the Western world are aesthetizised in novel ways. IC can illustrate a number of processes of change in the industrial milieu and can be used to show how people are starting to look with new eyes at old factories. During the last years several people have been working with IC and contributed with electronic music, video art, graphic design and performances… More info.