New Work: The World is Not Enough

A new collaborative work between me and Finnish artist Jussi Valtakari will premiere at The Cultural Center in Jöhvi, Estonia October 1st.

From the Statement:
The World is Not Enough is a joint work between artists Jussi Valtakari and Robert Willim, based on a sculpted  wooden micro gallery by Valtakari and the video artwork Close to Nature by Willim. By screening Close to Nature in the space of the micro gallery the work raise questions about representation, scale and mediation.

Close to Nature focus on the ways that ideas about Nature are evoked and engendered through uses of technology. The video work is based on nine 30 sec. clips in an iterative sequence. The first clip of a woody landscape was recorded outside of Taivalkoski, Finland using an Intenso Viddy, a cheap Video Messenger. The clip was transferred from the Viddy to a laptop. When played on the laptop the screen was filmed with the Viddy, creating the second clip and another iteration of the primary filmed sequence. The process was repeated until there were 9 clips representing the landscape. Each of the nine iterations brings the viewer closer to the scenery, while the image and sound also become more distorted and noisy. By using a cheap consumer electronic device, and no video editing of the clips, serendipitous ready-made dimensions and glitch-aesthetics are high-lighted. Close to Nature stress an appreciation of imperfection, chance, and the role of media for experiences of nature.

A major theme of Close to Nature, the video part  of The World is Not Enough, is the interplay between proximity and distance, a theme that is further highlighted in the context of the micro gallery. By mixing the video work with the sculpted space and the characters inhabiting the micro gallery a further iteration in the representational loop is engendered What is the role of a gallery and who is watching what?

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