In the art and science loop

Today I was part of a panel in a seminar at The Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences here at Lund University. The seminar was organized to discuss the relations between art and science. The other two in the panel were musicologist Frans Mossberg and Per Zetterfalk, director holding a phD from The University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre. Per started by presenting his dissertation, in which he had followed playwright Lars Norén through the meanderings of his creative process. He stressed that working in the field between art and academic research is among other things a way to accentuate the humane and affective dimensions of science. I agree.

The discussion was interesting, but time short as usual. Once again I tried to stress the potential that lies in experimenting with different ways to communicate science. We need zones where it is possible to try out new wild ideas, zones where risks of academic monomania is reduced.

Here’s a short text by Mikael Askander at the department’s Intermediality-site presenting the seminar.

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