Fieldnotes (2013)

Veiled HotelFieldnotes is an exploration of imaginary geographies. It is a series of surreal short films examining how  the concept of ethnographic fieldnotes can be related to places, situations and the way ethnography is communicated. Each film in the series is also an evocation, based on video recorded at a single location at a single time. The video is then composited and soundtracked into a surreal account, and then given a name that says something about the filmed location (the place of fieldnoting), but the title should be more evocative than describing.

Fieldnotes from Robert Willim on Vimeo.

Through the combination of Fieldnotes, an imaginary geography arises. The idea is to not reveal the exact location where the images are captured, instead the Fieldnotes are parts of an emerging imaginary layering that to some extent coincides with the world and how people experience it.
The three parts of Fieldnotes are Veiled Hotel, Wet Market and Straight Jetty. These were screened at Ethnographic Terminalia 2013 – Exhibition as Residency in Chicago as well as at Beyond the Frame: The Future of the Visual in an Age of Digital Diversity in Stockholm March 2014.



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