Fiat Lux

Today the construction work was started here in Lund for a new campus building that will house several arts and humanities departments. The building, to be finished in 2014,  will be partly new and partly a refurbished brick building from the early 20th century. The old building was designed by the Swedish architect Theodor Wåhlin, and finished 1917, then housing the department of zoology.

I came up with the name of the building: LUX. The name gives nice connotations to enlightenment as well as being a possible abbreviation where LU stands for Lund University and X for an unknown variable.  The name also harmonizes with the already existing SOL-building, which is the centre for languages and literature (the other half of the arts and humanities campus). It has been quite interesting to follow how the name LUX has gone from being a personal fantasy to something that is utilized and let loose in the world.

JAIS Arkitekter AB present the project.

Sydsvenskan write about the project (in Swedish).

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