Exhibition as Residency at Ethnographic Terminalia, Chicago

ET2013Logo-FINAL-EditableText-NewWordsIn November I participated in this year’s iteration of the Ethnographic Terminalia exhibition at the Washington Park Arts Incubator in Chicago. This is how the curatorial collective presented it:

Ethnographic Terminalia is a curatorial collective that exhibits new forms of anthropology engaged with contemporary art practice. Playfully exploring reflexivity and positionality, we ask what lies within and what lies beyond disciplinary territories.

This year Ethnographic Terminalia is pleased to present “Exhibition as Residency—Art, Anthropology, Collaboration”. It brings together international artists and anthropologists for a five-day residency in which to perform, exhibit, and experiment with collaborative research practices in a public space. Projects explore visual ethnography, material culture, indigeneity, colonialism, diasporas, realist painting, fine art, fashion, and video art. The gallery space represents an opportunity for resident artists and visitors to participate in the process of collaboration and the diverse intersections of art and anthropology.

Almost There stillMy contribution was the production of a five-minute video work called Almost There

[Washington Park].  This experimental film  presents a surreal account of imagined venues associated with Washington Park area in Chicago. Produced over the course of the Residency, the film was based on imagery and  material associated with the City of Chicago’s bid to host the 2016 Olympic Summer Games, in which Washington Park was proposed as the main site for the Olympic arena, as well as sounds and images related to the Washington Park area in general. While Chicago lost the bid to Rio de Janeiro, the ‘dream’ to host the games is now part of the city’s history. I partly built on another project, Fieldnotes (which was also screened during the residency), to understand the extent to which dreamscapes associated with place can enchant a city. Another aspect of the work is the role of detachment and estrangement as part of both artistic and ethnographic practice.

The other participants of the residency were:

Charlotte Bik Bandlien (anthropologist), fashion design label HAiK with us! and Ruben Steinum (artist)
Zoe Bray (artist/anthropologist) [USA] The EBANO Collective [Portugal] The Ethnographic Terminalia Collective
Jesse Colin Jackson (artist), Tori Foster (artist), Lindsay A Bell (anthropologist) [USA/Canada] Ian Kirkpatrick (artist) [UK] Andrea Walsh (anthropologist), Trudi Lynn Smith (artist/anthropologist), Sylvia Olsen(artist/historian) in collaboration with Coast Salish Knitters Adam Olsen and Joni Olsen[Canada].

“Exhibition as Residency” was also connected to the 112th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association as one of its “Installations“.

The Arts Incubator in Washington Park is part of Chicago University’s Arts + Public Life initiative.




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