Digitrust – new research theme

DigitrustFrom September I will participate in the research project/theme DigiTrust at the Pufendorf institute,  Lund university. The group of researchers include experts in cryptography, intellectual property rights, media history, innovation management, information science, media and communication, sociology of law, software engineering as well as hands on experience from the industry. Yesterday we had a meeting to plan the coming research. Here’s a short description of the theme:

The purpose of DigiTrust is to better understand the importance of trust in a digital society, how issues of privacy and identity are handled, and how legitimacy is reached or breached. This is a multi- and cross-disciplinary research theme centered on the complexities of trust in a digital context that will study privacy, identity and legitimacy in relation to 1) Security and privacy awareness in a digital context; 2) What knowledge (institutions) are trusted and how is this constructed; and 3) Surveillance and data retention as a legal trend.

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