Design+Ethnography+Futures in Melbourne

DEFThe second week of December I will be in Melbourne participating in a symposium on “uncertainties” as part of the Design+ Ethnography+ Futures initiative. This is how D+E+F is described on its website:

“Design + Ethnography + Futures proposes a new meeting of design and ethnography through a focus on futures. It is characterized by four concepts of knowing, sharing, making and moving. We explore how the future orientation of combining design + ethnography approach invites new forms of change­making, where uncertainty and the ‘not-­yet-­made’ is at the centre of inquiry. It brings the improvisory, playful, imaginative, sensorial and somewhat contested edges of both fields to create an opening to experiment with what might emerge out of an assembly of ideas, people, feelings, things and processes. In doing so, Design + Ethnography + Futures deliberately steps out of established disciplinary methodologies and moves into the future with people and challenges what we habitually do and think about. It questions the taken-­for-­granted, triggers genuine surprise, plays with the edges of boundaries and reconfigures ways knowledge is produced.”

Possible Worlds poster RMITAs part of the event I also will perform Possible Worlds. It will take place in the Design Hub of RMIT University, 10th December. More info here.

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