Conveyors in Cyclic~Tone

Cyclic~Tone is a collaborative online magazine based on the idea to juxtapose writers with visual artists. The latest issue has the theme Space and include the work Conveyors by me and Anders Weberg. Conveyors is combined with an ethnographic text on the traffic hub Knutpunkten in Helsingborg, southern Sweden written by Leila Kaas. Leila is a former student of our MACA-program here in Lund. She now teaches in the Communications Department at Bristol Community College in Massachusetts (US). Leila is also one of the founders of

From the editorial of the Space-issue:

“The notion of space is probably as vague and ineffable as space itself. Trying to grasp it in a firm definitional head-lock would probably strip it of any meaning: like sand, the tighter we try to hold it in our hands the faster it escapes through our fingers.”

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