Bubble Anniversary & the LEGO concept

Today the morning paper Computer Sweden had a feature announcing that this spring it is ten years since the dotcom-bubble burst. 10 years is a stunningly short time, it doesn’t feel so long ago that I finished my book and dissertation about the internet consultancy Framfab.

But even if ten years in a way feels like a short time, a lot of bits and bytes has run through wires and air. Ten years ago the rhetoric on speed and first mover advantages were buzzing all around. Stock values evaporated. Companies like Framfab which were described as trailblazing pioneers were dissolved. In some cases they rematerialized in more modest incarnations. The void after the dotcoms was soon to be filled with a web 2.0 Google world. Companies coming in “a bit late” could benefit from the abundance of laid off IT-professionals and it was suddenly relatively easy to find empty room in the market.

When writing about Framfab I used LEGO as a metaphor in my analysis. (Much thanks to Douglas Coupland’s wonderful writings in the novel Microserfs). LEGO is still a strong metaphor, in a world where modularity in many ways prevails. And the cubistic restrictions of LEGO seems to continue to provoke people´s creativity. Christoph Niemann’s “I LEGO N.Y.” is a wonderful example

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  1. Daniel Östvall March 13, 2010 at 10:37

    Ten years and it still stands unbroken in the shelf “to be read when I got the time”. It still have the status as the newest book I have bought.

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