Broken Data – Broken World (2016)

A video that mixes documentation of academic presentations and discussions with experimental film:

The workshop took place in Copenhagen August 2016, and it was organised by the Data Ethnographies initiative, RMIT University. The intention was to better understand how the concept data can be understood, and the theme of the discussion was “Broken Data”. This was the starting point:

In a world where predictive big data analytics and data driven policy and design are increasingly prevalent, the concept of broken data seeks to interrogate and disrupt the possibilities associated with these trends. Concepts of breakage, damage and repair, and recent literatures about ‘broken world’ type theories, offer us an alternative starting point: what are the implications of putting these concepts at the centre of our understanding of digital data and its futures? By whom and where does data explicitly and more invisibly manifest itself as broken, incomplete and damaged? How is it repaired?
What might an agenda for broken data research look like? And why might we need one?

The result of the workshop was, together with the video,  presented as a joint Position paper.

As one of the scholars invited to introduce the theme of Broken data, I also wrote the paper The Noise at The End of The Data Stream.

The scholars participating in the workshop were:

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