Birch Trees and Art Probes in Umeå

Birch TreeGlitch

Birch Tree Glitch

Yesterday I had a seminar at The Department of Culture and Media Studies at Umeå University. The theme was Art Probes and I presented my work in the borderlands between art and cultural analysis. The discussion was thought provoking and fruitful, so thanks to everyone who took the time to participate!

In the evening before the Seminar I walked around the city, taking some photos. Especially the large number of yellow birch trees standing along the streets caught my eye. When I should convert one of the photos to JPEG-format a glitch occurred, resulting in the color effect in the image to the left. There is something about birch trees, visualization and digital effects.

During the evening we visited the local jazz club, listening to an energizing concert by Tarabband, CLEO, Le Système and Julia Spada with a guest freestyle rapper from Texas. Back at the hotel was a grand opening party , with guest appearences by Lisa Miskovsky and the punkrock band Sator. An unexpected  large dose of music this time in Umeå.Sator at Hotel Winn in Umeå

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