Big Video Sprint in Aalborg

From a demonstration and discussion around a new 360-video-analysis-tool

November 22-24 I took part in the conference Big Video Sprint at Aalborg University. I was invited as keynote speaker and presented how I work with art probing. The theme of the conference was to explore how new technological tools can advance the way researcher work with video, and how we can rethink processes of capture, analysis and communication of audiovisual material. One aim of the conference was to discuss ”ways of collecting time-based records of social, material and embodied practices as live-action events in real or virtual worlds.” The name of the conference was a bit of a word-play. ”We use this glib term [Big Video] to suggest an alternative to the hype about quantitative big data analytics. Big can mean both large datasets and more than just video. Thus, we argue that there is a need to develop an infrastructure for qualitative video analysis in four key areas: 1) capture, storage, archiving and access of enhanced digital video; 2) visualisation, transformation and presentation; 3) collaboration and sharing; and 4) software tools to support analysis.”(from the Call-for-papers”.

Many of the participants came from conversation analysis and neighboring disciplines. It was rewarding to learn more about their approaches and to juxtapose the way I work with ethnography, art, fieldwork and video to other kind of analytic practices.

Some of the neighboring buildings to the conference venue were characterised by some classical Industrial Cool features.

I also had a ”data session” where I presented Close to Nature. The work is based on a sequence of iterations, through which the experience of the work unfolds through the different iterations. By juxtaposing this concept with the way multimodal material is analysed within conversational analysis  we could approach ideas about time-based media and temporality in novel ways.

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