Almost There – Washington Park (2013)

Sound and video by Robert Willim (2013)
Produced as part of Ethnographic Terminalia – Exhibition as Residency, Chicago November 2013.

A surreal account of imagined venues associated with Washington Park area in Chicago. The film was produced during the course of the residency, and is based on audio and video associated with the Washington Park area in southern Chicago. Conceptually, the film takes its point of departure in City of Chicago’s bid to host the 2016 Olympic Summer Games, in which Washington Park was proposed as the main site for the Olympic arena. While Chicago lost the bid to Rio de Janeiro, the ‘dream’ to host the games is now part of the city’s history.I wanted to examine how dreamscapes associated with a place and how imagined venues can enchant a city. The film is part of a more extended exploration of the relationships between imagination and place as well as the role of estrangement and detachment as part of both artistic and ethnographic practice.

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